Be Successful and Not Just Another Statistic!

I would like to share with you an email that I recently received from Carlos Banks, owner of the Wheelchair Taxi in North Carolina.  He writes:    


I don’t get a chance to talk to you much, one because you’re busy creating life changing opportunities and two because I’m taking advantage of those opportunities you’re creating and shedding light upon.      

I just wanted to share something real quick with you that happen in our area.  Have you ever heard of the saying “Often imitated but never duplicated?”        

Case in point, 5 years ago I emailed you, corresponded and then FINALLY after wrestling with it awhile I purchased your E-book along with any other material you had to offer. I figured if I was going to do this I would do it right.               

When a friend and I started our business, a mutual friend at the time had a decent paying job with a BIG corporate company and he made fun of what we were doing or trying to do at the time…until the economy changed and the cuts came!!  Soon after he really became interested in what we were doing 4 years later… after we were surviving the recession and INCREASING our fleet instead of decreasing!          

He began hanging around a little and inquiring a little but going about it in a “sneaky” way.  One day he pops up out of the blue with a mini van and a wheelchair van with the ambition of taking over and outdoing what we have been building for the last five years.           

Needless to say, after attempting to duplicate what we have we recently found that after giving it about a year, he had to close shop!               

My whole point was this.  In none of that did you hear me mention anything about him purchasing your e-book or any of your other material. I’m not saying that it can’t be done, but what I am saying is that your ebook on How to build a million dollar transportation sure helped us tremendously and it also introduced to us other opportunities out here.  I personally believe that had this guy taken the time to invest in what you have to offer, he would still be in business!           

Carlos Banks,                    
The Wheelchair Taxi, Inc.

Thank you very much for sharing this story, Carlos.  I am flattered by your words in support of my materials and I am so pleased to hear that you’re continuing to do well and doing business in an honest manner!             

There are many people that have that “go-it-alone” mentality.  And although I certainly compliment and applaud their motivation, I have to be honest with you, such a mentality can prove to be extremely costly!            

Think of this guy that Carlos talks about in his message.  Had he had better guidance, direction, and information, this who knows, this guy could be at the start of a very prosperous venture.             

But instead, he’s out of business. And I guarantee he’s out of money too!  I suspect that those two vehicles cost money.  I guarantee he paid for some insurance and other associated setup costs as well as his effort.            

Bottom line is this.  Don’t go-it-alone!  You don’t have to!  As I tell everyone.  I wasted no less than $250k over the first few years of my business.  Yes, I was experiencing great success.  But I also made many costly mistakes because, unlike you, I had no “How to” information at my disposal.       

Think about it.  The guy that Carlos is talking about is part of this high statistic of people that failed in business.  Don’t you want to be part of the statistic that succeeds?                         

If you’re serious and ready to be a successful business owner, then you NEED to take action.  If you haven’t done so already, then I encourage you to do what Carlos and many others have done.                                                            

Look, it would be easy for me tell you the value of my information and that of my Million Dollar Seminar.  But nothing speaks louder than the success of others that have attended and now own their own successful NEMT business.             

So if you want to join others and be part of the statistic of people that have been successful in starting their own business, then Click Here Now!  You can come up with excuses of why you can’t, or your can just take action!