Starting and Supporting Your Medical Transportation Company

As you know, I am very pleased to provide information and support that helps all of you start, build and grow your medical transportation business.  The medical transportation industry is an exploding industry for which we are all witnessing a great deal of shifts and changes that influence business.  These are exciting times for which opportunity is continuing to grow.

To further help and support your business, the United Medical Transportation Providers Group is here to help train, endorse, and support your business.  As the founder, it would be easy for me to sing our praises and share with you some of the influence and benefits we’re sharing with our members.  But rather than me blabber about our efforts, let me instead share with you member comments as follows:

A huge thank you goes out to Joel Davis and Daniel Murphy his online manager, for taking such great care of me and my company. Recently I had a bid come up with a major heath care provider here is Salt Lake City, UT and the deadline to submit the bid was approaching fast. I really needed the “UMTPG” membership so I could take advantage of the Certification of Advanced Training and Letter of recommendation that my company Mobility Transportation Services is certified and completed the advance training that Joel Davis provides; so I could include this in my bid packet.

Joel and Daniel went out of their way to make sure that I was taken care of immediately so I could make the deadline for this bid. The letters of recommendation alone with the Certification was so helpful that this company was very impressed. Anyone out there who still doesn’t believe that Joel Davis is 100% dedicated to helping each of our businesses succeed is sorely mistaken.

I highly recommend to anyone that is sitting on the fence and trying to decide to Jump into this business with full commitment; that you purchase Joel’s training CD’s and see for yourself how powerful they really are. Each time I watch them I walk way learning more to help my business grow. Once you learn this business become a member of “UMTPG” and take advantage of the great opportunity this organization provides. The benefits of UMTPG are outstanding and ad so much creditability when you’re just starting out and building your business.

Thank you again Joel and Daniel for the great letter of recommendation and allowing me to be a part of UMTPG

Spencer McDonald
President, Mobility Transportation Specialists

Needless to say, I am very pleased and flattered to receive such kind words and can’t thank Spencer enough for taking the time and effort to express his appreciation.  With all sincerity, I can tell you that it is receiving messages such as this that motivates us and keeps my staff and me doing what we do!

If you’re not yet a member of the United Medical Transportation Providers Group, I definitely encourage you to join so that we can further help you build and grow your medical transportation service.

Also, don’t forget to reserve your seats for my quickly approaching MDT Boot Camp Seminar coming up on the weekend on August 5-6th at the Hotel Sierra in the Washington DC area.   You can fly into the Washington Dulles Airport and the Hotel Sierra will provide you with free shuttle service to and from the airport.  Just make sure you arrive early enough on Friday for our “Friday Night Social” in the Hotel Bistro & Lounge.  This will be a great opportunity for you all to meet, greet, socialize, and network with other like-minded entrepreneurs!

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See you at the Top!
Joel E. Davis
Founder, the United Medical Transportation Providers Group