Starting a Medical Transportation Requires More than Just Purchasing a Vehicle and Printing Business Cards

A client recently sent me a link to some laughable “FREE” advice from regarding starting a medical transportation business.  After laughing, I actually became a little resentful.  The information is so outrageously misleading it can actually be destructive and costly for unsuspecting newbies.

According to, the 9 steps to starting a medical transportation company are (1) find a vehicle, (2) purchase vehicle and liability insurance, (3) obtain a license from the state if required, (4) check for local license requirements, (5) arrange to accept insurance, (6) establish fees and policies for business, (7) market your medical transportation business, (8) hire employees, and (9) set up a dispatch center.  And no, I’m not exaggerating.  These laughably simplistic steps are actually the foundation of this article.

Yes, the medical transportation is exponentially growing.  And with increased growth comes increased opportunity.  But to be clear, starting your business and, even more, staying in the industry and actually being highly successful requires FAR MORE than just purchasing a vehicle, getting insurance, and doing some simple marketing!

Trust me, in being in this industry since 1999 and working with client-providers from all over the country, I can assure you that approaching this industry in such a simplistic casual manner will quickly lead you to failure.

Following the incompetent advice offered on will lead you to wasting a great deal of time and money.  This article literally suggest finding and then purchasing a vehicle before you invest in market research!?  That’s crazy!

“Obtain a license if required?”  Is this author serious?  What type of targeted and helpful counsel is this?

Needless to say, I could go on and on about such trivial crap.  But the problem remains that this type of trivial crap is destructive yet readily available online.

Ultimately, you get what you pay for.  In this regards to this laughably ridiculous article and other inaccurate crap online, there is NO value in FREE advice!

Again, we all know the NEMT opportunity is only growing.  But it requires far more knowledge, preparation, and considerations versus the whimsical steps offered by  Many variables need to be considered, especially when you take into consideration our changing economy and medical industry.  As we speak, there is a great deal of change that is putting our industry in a state of flux.  Much of this change is to our advantage as entrepreneurs but only if you understand and know how to leverage such change.

So again, be on guard and follow wise, experienced counsel versus nonsensical advice from a wannabee author hiding behind a keyboard.

Always consider the source before you act.  If you’re serious about leveraging the exponentially growing medical industry and the exploding elderly population then Click Here to learn more and get started.  I won’t hold any punches or paint some fairy tale story like  Rather, I will share the truth; the good, the bad, and ugly.

What others are saying about “How to Build a Million Dollar Medical Transportation Company:”

Joel, thank you for offering those of us already in or preparing to enter the NEMT field an opportunity to learn first hand how to do it right!  I cannot imagine ANYONE even thinking they could do this on their own – they would literally be reinventing the wheel!

There seems to be a ton of information “available to help you start your NEMT business” – even giving you Step 1, Step 2, Step 3, Step 4, etc.  You could change just a couple of words in those directions and you could build a Dog House or plan a baby shower!  LOL!  – but never a functioning NEMT business!

Your ebook is a MUST HAVE for anyone even thinking of pursuing an NEMT business: your ebook, the business plan, DVD’s and dispatching software are absolutely critical to creating the complete package.  There are specific items in the ebook that saves every one of us thousands and thousands of dollars and an untold amount of time simply by following your guidance and direction.  Your ebook is the most encompassing SOP manual and business model I have ever studied.  I have even made my college-aged kids read it as a “how to!”

Then there is the seminar – oh my!  Just when you think you’ve got it all together, the seminar is the key element that puts you in touch with reality of people doing what you do.  your presentation material and coverage of the obstacles that we could potentially face absolutely will determine if a business will succeed or fail.  You covered things that we don’t get ANYWHERE else except from a PRO – someone who has already done it!  I am 100% sure that this past seminar will determine my next steps.

It was a pleasure meeting you and seeing for myself your genuine concern for those of us in the field and your eagerness to help each and everyone of us succeed!  I can’t wait to work with you one-on-one to take my plans to the next level.  I plan to see you at the Top!

Nell Thrower
North Carolina

I have to admit one thing, I like the way you work!

I asked you a question back in April of this year without purchasing your program and to my surprise, you answered back and have been including me in on your emails week after week after week!  I put each of these emails in a folder after reading each one because there was something about you that had me believing that this could actually work.

Well, last night I finally purchased your ebook….only because you came off as being a straight shooter and not a bull shitter like many other programs out there.

I purchased your ebook around 8:30 PM and read all 315 pages until 11 PM…I just couldn’t put it down!

My brother and I just started our NEMT business here in Florida as of June.  We bought one van, a used 2009 Chevy Express 250 with a side Braun Lift.  Unfortunately, it is not set up for stretchers (yet).  We are still working to build clientele 1 facility at a time….getting our foot in the door is sometimes a challenge, but not impossible!

Hopefully, with reading more of your material and putting things to work it will help us to continue getting that foot in the door.  Sometimes, you just have to see things differently through someone else’s eyes.

Thank you
Matt Fallon Sr.