Starting a Medical Transportation Company is a Great Opportunity!

Welcome to the non-emergency medical transportation industry, an industry that is literally growing by the day!  Why? Because the two key niche markets, the elderly population and the medical industry, are literally experiencing an explosion in growth. 

By the year 2030, the US elderly population will have literally doubled in size.  By the year 2016, not too far in the distant future, the medical industry will begin to consume 20% of the US GDP and growing.  Needless to say, these two statistics are indeed impressive and encourage serious consideration for entrepreneurial investment. 

Building a non-emergency medical transportation company is a great opportunity for ambitious entrepreneurs eager to invest in a business that has a future and sustainability.  Following my strategies as outlined in my my best-selling ebook, How to Build a Million Dollar Medical Transportation Company, starting such a business can be done surprisingly very cost effectively. 

You’ll discover how to start, build and operate your business systematically, with a controlled growth strategy that doesn’t require excessive startup capital.  From the very first chapter you will learn of the necessary licensing and registration requirements.  I’ll share with you all of the necessary elements and components that you’re going to build and integrate to make your medical transportation company a thriving and prosperous venture, one that you can someday sell for a profit or pass onto your heirs. 

In addition to limited required startup capital, the other great aspect of starting a non-emergency medical transportation company is that there are many ways to generate revenue. 

There are Private-Pay clients, customers that personally pay out of pocket for transportation to and from their medical appointments.  There are Medicaid clients for which you will receive reimbursement from either the Department of Social Services or a Medicaid Brokers depending on your region of operation.  No fault insurance and worker’s compensation are two forms of accidental insurance that reimburse for non-emergency medical transportation.  And, there are always contracted opportunities that you can secure with hospitals, nursing facilities, independent living facilities, senior centers, day-hab facilities, dialysis centers and more. 

Whether based in a rural or urban area, performing local or distance transports or a combination of both, if you have hospitals, nursing facilities, doctor offices, dialysis centers and the like within your area then you definitely have opportunity!  I encourage you to invest the time into exploring this site to learn more about this exploding opportunity, the non-emergency medical transportation industry. 

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