Save a TON of Money On Your Insurance Premiums for Your Medical Transportation Company

Hello to everyone within the Million Dollar Transportation Community!  As always, I hope that this message finds you all doing well and that business is booming!

Let me start by thanking all of your that have forwarded copies of your Declaration Pages and your great questions regarding this incredible insurance-saving opportunity that we’re on the verge of achieving.  Trust me, I know what it’s like to get screwed in high insurance premiums!  But the good news, for many of you, those days are coming to and end!!  The days of high premium and limited coverage are over!

If you haven’t yet sent me a copy of your Declaration Page, what are you waiting for?  Do it ASAP!  When I say we’re going to be saving some of you a TON of money, I’m NOT exaggerating!

About This Incredible Insurance Savings Opportunity

There are going to be a LOT of people saving a LOT of money – bottom line!  For example, one of the first transportation providers who is taking advantage of this opportunity, currently has fleet premiums totaling almost $92,000 per year.  If all goes as planned, we hope to reduce their premiums by as much as 30-40 percent! 

Can you imagine that?!  Can you imagine what that is going to do to their profit margins, their bottom line?  How happy is this transportation provider going to been when we save them a TON of money and, as a result, their pockets get quite a bit heavier?!

Some of you that sent me your Declaration Pages are currently receiving decent premiums.  We might be able to save you some money.  However, in such circumstances, your levels of coverage are an absolute joke!  Thus, we hope to dramatically increase your coverage to further insulate you from undo liability issues.

Requirements for This Incredible Insurance Savings Opportunity

You do NOT have to be an active member of the United Medical Transportation Providers Group (UMTPG) in order to receive a quote.  However, you DO NEED to be an active UMTPG member to participate in this incredible savings opportunity.

The reason why you have to be an active UMTPG member is because our team of brokers and underwriters are literally partnering exclusively with the UMTPG.  Bottom line, there’s strength in numbers.  There is NO WAY our underwriters would be able to extend such incredible discounted premiums to independent transportation providers!  Thus, our team of brokers and underwriters share in the goals and vision of the UMTPG.  They see and identify the collective ability we share by more members joining.  Because of our mass numbers, we are going to collectively be able to experience HUGE savings and increased benefits. 

As I’ve said since the very idea and inception of the UMTPG, shifts are happening and invoking change in the insurance industry is a very real possibility.  Needless to say, this is one such incredible opportunity for all of our UMTPG members!

The only way for us to build leverage, momentum, and opportunities is through numbers and collective effort.  Essentially, the UMTPG is creating a giant portfolio that is literally going to allow us to leverage our presence in the market place to get the absolute best deals, premiums, and coverage.  Furthermore, our team of brokers are going to be able to dramatically help us with our expanding certification process to encourage safety standards that are going to be able to help you get the best possible rates!  These safety procedures and liability precautions will also serve as marketing advantages for your company and when we send personalized letters on your behalf to various facilities and prospective clients.

Taking Action for This Incredible Savings Opportunity

This coming week, of the 16th, I will be meeting with out brokers in New York to finalize details of our agreement that will lead to a TON of savings for us.  Needless to say, this is a great opportunity and even a historical opportunity for our industry.  Our brokers have been awesome!  They’ve been working very hard and bending over backwards to make this incredible savings opportunity to become a reality. 

So, I know you’re busy.  But if you haven’t yet sent me your Declaration Page, I need you to take the time to dig it up out of your file cabinet, scan it, and email it me ASAP!  Change is upon us in so many ways!  Together, and through the help and partnerships associated with the UMTPG we’re going to lead our industry, invoke change, and create unbelievable opportunity!  There’s simply no other way around it – we’re already on the move!

Email me your Declaration Page as soon as possible!  If you haven’t yet joined the UMTPG, then Click Here Now!

Exclusive Training & Instruction from Our Brokers

If you haven’t yet reserved your seat for my August MDT Boot Camp I definitely encourage you to do so ASAP!  One of our partnering brokers will be in attendance to further discuss the particulars, the HUGE savings opportunities, the safety certification process that’s going to dramatically increase your coverage and more.

Again, the MDT Boot Camp is going to be a no-nonsense kick-in-the-butt wake up call for many of you!  If you’re not making as much money as you would like, then get your butt to the Boot Camp!  If you’re having difficulties in finding business, get your butt to the Boot Camp!  If you’re having any types of struggles, difficulties, or are just looking to expand into new markets and opportunities, get your butt to the Boot Camp!

Look at it this way.  You risk saving enough money annually in insurance premiums that it will more than cover your cost of attending the MDT Boot Camp!

I think it’s Geico that says “I just save a ton of money on my car insurance.”  Trust me, with the UMTPG and this unprecedented insurance opportunity, we’re going to shatter their standards of savings and literally steal their slogan.  We’re going to save a TON of money on insurance while increasing our coverage!