NEMT Business – Becoming a Fixture in Your Community

Building an NEMT Business is not a get-rich-quick scheme.  I know that this reality is not pleasing to those surfing the internet looking for get-rich–quick cash.  The medical transportation business does not satisfy the “set it and forget it” mentality or the hopes of dreams of those wishing they had a business where the greatest effort they had to put forward was walking to the front of the house, opening up their mailbox and collecting checks!

But, the great thing about owning an NEMT business is that, first and foremost, it is a “real” and legitimate business.  More so, it is a viable business in which your two niche markets, the medical industry and the elderly population, are both exponentially growing!  And further good news is that irregardless of the economy, the weather, the price of gas, the temperature, or any other circumstance, the demand for transportation is only going to continue to grow!  In fact, for as long as we are a civilized society the demand for transportation is only going to continue to grow. 

There is a great deal of misconceptions about starting a medical transportation business.  First, many aspiring entrepreneurs confuse an NEMT business with an ambulance service.  These types of service are NOT the same.  NEMT is strictly non-emergency transportation.  You are not an emergency service nor do you have any special life-saving skills, equipment or services.

Next, you do not need to be an EMT to operate an NEMT vehicle or own such a company.  To keep things in perspective, as an NEMT operator, we are ultimately and simply a transportation service.  We focus on safely transporting our clients to and from their medical appointments, in and out of hospitals and nursing facilities in a timely manner.

Further good news is that there are indeed many ways to develop multiple sources of revenue with an NEMT business.  This, in particular, is one of the greatest misconceptions of owning an NEMT business.  You can establish a healthy Private-Pay clientele, clients that pay out of pocket for your transportation service.  You can gain reimbursement from Medicaid or a broker for transporting Medicaid recipients.  You can establish exclusive contracts with hospitals and nursing facilities, day-hab facilities, senior centers and the like.

Ultimately, like any legitimate business, you are limited only by our creativity.  Don’t just focus on one source of revenue when the need for transportation, in all forms, is only continuing to increase!  Allow you NEMT business to become a fixture in your community!  Your hospitals and emergency rooms need you to transport people in and out.  Without such services, hospitals, nursing facilities, emergency rooms, doctor offices, and dialysis centers would grind to a ceasing halt! 

So again, understand that your NEMT service is very much needed and relevant within your community.  Do not let false rumors or perceptions limit your creativity and growth potential.  As a motivated entrepreneur, it is up to you to reach out into your community and network, build strong relationships and strategic relationships.  If no one knows who you are they certainly can’t use your service.  So think strategically and get motivated.  If you have hospitals, nursing homes, dialysis centers, senior centers, doctor offices, and the like within your community, you have opportunity!  Leverage what is before you and take advantage.

Again, the need for transportation, in all forms, is never going to go away.  And because this is NOT a high tech or complicated business, the NEMT business model is just one form of transportation that is a very real and feasible business model that will allow you to become a fixture within your community.  Do not allow the economy, misconception, or any other variables to deter you from leveraging the growing needs that exist within the NEMT industry.