Whose Money are You Counting?

Hello to everyone within the Million Dollar Community!  As always, I hope this message finds you all doing well and that business is booming!

I often find questions and comments we receive to be like an iceberg.  The person asking represents the tip with even more people possibly sharing similar sentiments.

Although anonymous, I am sharing the following email we recently received in the event some of you have similar thoughts:

“I was interested in starting a transportation business and when I see how much money your charging for your dvds its ridiculous.  I can only imagine how much money your making trying to fatten your bank account.  There’s no reason you can’t make them cheaper.”

It has been quite some time since I received such an email but I welcome the opportunity to share thoughts and feedback.  Some people have a misguided focus and attention and it is holding them back from actually MAKING money!

First, Mr./Mrs. Anonymous, you suggest I make my resources “cheaper,” further illustrating you only see the price tag.  You neglect the value and potential earnings in leveraging all of the information, strategies and experiences.

It is not about the price tag.  What is important is the value of these and resources and how much it is worth to you.

If a $500, $1000 or $2000 investment can help you build a business that generates hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars annually what is that worth to you?

If my material helps you build a small business generating only $100,000 per year, is the price of the DVDs worth it?

Even more, if my material helps you generate $1 million per year, how much more valuable is this material to you?

Second, rather than focusing on how much money I make or someone else, you NEED to be focused exclusively on how much money YOU make!

Run your own race!  Don’t focus on my success, focus on yours.  Don’t count my money, count yours.  And if you don’t have enough money to afford this material then it is all the more reason why you NEED this material!

Third, you say “I was interested.”  Well, if the cost of my material has now deterred you from wanting to start your business then you should consider my “greed” a blessing.

I can guarantee that you are going to face much, much greater challenges and obstacles in owning ANY business.

If the investment in educational resources designed to help you is proving to be so insurmountable then I would encourage you to NOT start your own business.  Owning your own business is very rewarding but it is not free from challenges.

I obviously don’t know you, your desires or motivation.  Regardless, I would encourage you to release any possible jealously, resentment or road blocks that are preventing you from seeing and recognizing the value in learning from others.

I won’t bore you with success stories.  But I will tell you that my material is full of experiences, both successes and failures, from not only me but also other providers who I am honored to work with from around the country.

In the first few years of my business I made a lot of money.  But I also wasted at least $250k through mistakes, trials and errors.

Needless to say, I would have paid a fortune too study and learn from such material and avoid losing so much money.

Ultimately, the choice of learning from and leveraging the knowledge, experiences and strategies from others is entirely up to you.  All I can do is open the door.  It is up to you to walk through!

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