How to Land Private-Pay Clients in Your NEMT Business

Private-Pay clients are very important to your non-emergency medical transportation business and your home care agency.  For this reason, I have prepared an exclusive Report specifically for How to Land Private-Pay Clients in Your NEMT Business!

In working with so many of you over the last few months I have felt compelled to write an Exclusive Report to “drive home” the importance and the opportunity for you to increase your Private-Pay clientele.  And, based upon the response I have received thus far regarding this resource, I am very you are going to enjoy this material.

Like my best-selling ebooks, How to Build a Million Dollar Medical Transportation Company and Dispatching for Dollars, this Exclusive Report skips the fluff and gets to the point.  The title speaks for itself and it’s focused on one thing – Landing Private-Pay Clients!

But what is the advantage to getting more Private-Pay clients?  Why should you have a sense of urgency in building your Private-Pay clientele?  Well, there are several reasons as follows:

You can set your own rates of reimbursement

Private-Pay transports off higher profit margins as compared to many other forms of reimbursement

You can receive payment immediately via cash, check, or credit card

There is no excessive paperwork or waiting for reimbursement

There are no regulations or policies to deal with as is the case with Medicaid or brokers

If a Private-Pay client is a “no-show” you can still charge a one-way fee so you don’t walk away empty handed

For distance transports you can charge “dead-head miles”

When Private-Pay clients travel during off-peak hours you will receive higher rates of reimbursement

As I always tell transportation providers, you can’t be a one-dimensional business or you’re at risk of going out of business!  Yet, despite my insistence, I am always amazed at how many providers rely exclusively on Medicaid and brokers to provide them with customers.  Not only can this lazy strategy be less than profitable, but it is extremely dangerous.

If Medicaid or brokers reduce their rates of reimbursement or choose to use a different transportation provider or make any changes in policy or procedure then you are vulnerable and at risk.  Obviously, this is not a desireable scenario for your transportation business.  But when you have a solid foundation of Private-Pay clientele your medical transportation business and your home care agency is much stronger and more stable.

So, only if you’re truly serious about improving your NEMT business and you value every “nugget of information” then you need to get your hands on this exclusive Report and start building and improving your business today!

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