Join the UMTPG Group Purchasing Organization and Save a LOT of money in your medical transportation business!

Thank you and congratulations to everyone who has already joined the United Medical Transportation Providers Group GPO!  This Group Purchasing Organization is a great money-saving opportunity on business essential products and services.

Some of your may recall James Smith, owner of JC Paratransit Solutions, from one of my previous Seminars in Virginia.  Jim is currently saving 24% on his company and personal AT&T account, almost 20% on Staples, and much, much more.

Jim is a good friend of mine and will be accompanying me this coming week to Washington D.C. where we will be promoting the UMTGP GPO at one of the country’s largest paratransit tradeshows.

If you haven’t yet joined, please Click Here Now – it’s FREE!!

For everyone that has joined, please keep checking your email.  Dan, my Online Manager, will be emailing you a “Premier” application.  Make sure you complete this application, scan it, and email it back to us.  This is very important.

“Premier” is the governing body that manages and oversees a TON of discount programs for AT&T, Verizon, Staples, Office Max, and many, many more.

Once you complete this application, Premier is going to issue you and ID Code to be used when making purchases with each Vendor.  Again, Jim is literally saving 24% on his AT&T account, almost 20% on Staples, and much more.  So the money-savings opportunities are obvious.  And again, the UMTPG GPO is FREE to join!

So once you have signed up online, please keep checking your email for the application from Premier.  Again, please scan and email it back to us.  Please do not fax it as our membership is quickly growing and we have to forward you application once received.  Emails is definitely most convenient for everyone.

Again, Click Here to join the UMPTG Group Purchasing Organization.

See you at the Top!