What others are saying about Joel Davis helping you build your medical transportation business…

This ‘letter’ is for those of you who are thinking about NEMT as a business.  Before reading any further, shut off the TV, turn off the radio, clear the room, close the door and pay attention.  First, since you are reading this, you have found The Man, Mr. Joel E. Davis.  If you ask me, the “E” stands for a few things:

Empathy – Joel understands what it’s like just starting out in this industry.  He’s been there, done that and, like he says, had no one guiding him or helping him not only make the right decisions but to make sure he didn’t make the wrong ones.  So, he really went to the school of hard knocks when starting his NEMT business.  All I do is ask and Joel answers with a “Yes, do this” or “No, don’t do that” and then explains why or why not.  After which, it makes nothing but sense.  Trust this guy.  If I had not asked, I would be in deep!

Endless Resolve – In the beginning, he almost threw in the towel, but quickly shook that off – thankfully for all of us – when he realized that there’s ‘gold in them hills’….gold as far as riches one receives from helping others – feels REALLY good – and riches as far as profits from this thriving industry.  There’s truth to the saying “Take care of the people and the money will follow.”  I am experiencing it firsthand.  Though it’s not pouring in – I just started a few months ago – I can definitely see how this is going to be big…in more ways than one.  Like Joel says, “Controlled Growth” is where it’s at.  When you have time, read Napolean Hill and the “3 Feet From Gold” story.  Joel won’t give up on you, so don’t give up on yourself.  Get up early, get out there and keep going!  His Endless resolve has paid off for him and now he’s paying it forward by helping others.

Encouragement – Joel seems to know just the right times to call.  When one is in the trenches, digging and clawing, sometimes it’s hard to give oneself encouragement.  Just when it’s needed, my phone rings, and I hear that barreling voice, “Big, Mitch!” , and a calm washes over  me because I am reminded that I am not in it alone.  Yes, I can re-read the E-book – yet another E –  and I can watch the videos again – which I have done many times and keep learning each time – but it’s really, really nice to know that Joel backs up what he says when he states that he’ll be there for you.  I don’t know how he finds the time for how busy he must be, but he’s been there for me and I’m sure he’ll be there for you, too.  Joel’s encouragement is welcomed, spot on, and appreciated more than he could know because it can’t be said enough.

I’ll End with this…I have researched this industry on how to start and what it takes before AND after just coming across Joel.  Knowing what I know now, I would have saved some time if I had stopped with Joel.  I didn’t look after signing up with him, I looked before actually enlisting his help because I was trying to find  cheaper, even FREE, advice.  We all know what you get for ‘free’.  Everything you need to know you’ll find with Joel.  It takes money to make money and his information and help are beyond worth it.  Although it’s not rocket science – no offense – there are many things to know and do to not only start off on the right path, but to stay there, too.  You’ll find both of those – and them some – with Joel.  If you love helping others and you give enough other people what they want, you will get what you want.  The people we help in this industry are tremendously grateful for it and I am even more grateful to be in the position to offer such help. A HUGE part of that is thanks to Mr. Joel E. Davis.  Either do or do not, there is no “Maybe”.  If you Do, then look no further, you’ve come to the right place.  Enlist in Joel’s help.  I can personally say that you won’t be sorry.  I feel that I have found a friend and not just a mentor…he makes you feel that comfortable.  Maybe it’s just me – but I doubt it.  I can only imagine that the many, many others Joel helps feel the same way.  Stop reading, start learning, and get going!  NOW!

Even though this letter is for YOU, the one ‘thinking’ about joining the NEMT industry, I still want to give a BIG Thank You to Joel E. Davis for all the help, encouragement, information and especially the friendship that I have received.  And Yes,  you WILL see me at the top and we’d LOVE for many other NEMT providers to join us!

Thank you again!
Mitch Angelo
All Care TranZport, LLC
Youngstown, OH