Seriously Evaluate the Information You’re Using to Learn about Starting Your Ambulette Business

As someone who is well experienced in the non-emergency medical transportation industry, I can tell you with all certainty that starting an ambulette service is a good and opportunistic investment. 

Whether you’re a new or experienced entrepreneur, building a NEMT business can be a great asset in your portfolio!     However, before spending any money or committing to anything, wise and calculated entrepreneurs always invest in thorough research and investigation into the industry they will be entering.  So, like any prudent entrepreneur, it’s absolutely critical that you too seek accurate and experienced counsel and information; which leads me to the purpose of writing this particular post.      

What is growing to be a much more common occurrence, prospective entrepreneurs are blindly following what I categorize as “simpleton” advice.  Why do I say this?  Because what is growing in greater frequency is a number of people contacting me in an effort to play a type of “cleanup duty” as a result of the poor advice they’ve been following.  Such poor and misleading counsel can easily be discovered when performing general internet searches.     

These entrepreneurs, frustrated with the free advice they found online, seek my advice and counsel to either correct the mistakes that they’ve been making as a result of such poor advice, or, they look for me to explain greater details in an effort to “fill the gaps.”      

As can be expected when following advice from someone that has never “done it themselves,” discovering gaping holes in their advice can easily be expected.  These particular entrepreneurs, eager to start their own ambulette business, unfortunately, find themselves being more confused and frustrated because they started out following such “simpleton” advice.     

Readily offered online from people who have never owned, operated, or even worked for a non-emergency medical transportation company, such “simpleton” advice illustrates the age-old Success Principle that “Free Advice is Always the Most Expensive!”     

Now, don’t get me wrong.  I’m definitely NOT belittling anyone else’s attempts at sharing information or helping others.  But the problem is that although the internet is a wonderful and incredible resource and opportunity to share and disseminate information, there exists many “professional” writers online whose sole job is to write as many articles and reviews as possible in an effort to generate traffic and sales for particular sites.      

These writers are compensated for the articles they write.  So, for obvious reasons, they’re motivated to write as many articles as possible.  The more they write the more money they make.  However, the obvious problem that arises is that these authors have no first hand experience in the industries and businesses in which they write.     

In doing some internet searches for how to start a medical transportation business you’ll find that some “professional writers” offer “simpleton” counsel that consists of “first you have to get a vehicle, next you have to get some business cards,” and on and on.       

Needless to say, starting your own non-emergency medical transportation company consists of much more details, preparation, licensing and registration.  Although the medical transportation industry is not a high tech business it is, none the less, more involved that simply getting a vehicle, some insurance, and business cards.    

In the event you don’t believe me of how inadequate the level of “How to” advice is online regarding the medical transportation industry, I encourage you to do some simple internet searches.  And who knows, chances are good that even you have seen and read some of this “simpleton” information yourself!    

But here’s the morale of the story.  Yes, I have great confidence and fully stand by my information, strategies, and techniques that I discuss in my ebook, DVD’s and associated information.  But, that doesn’t mean that others don’t have good ideas and insight.  However, the problem with the 97% of free information that is available online is either wrong, incredibly inaccurate, or altogether misleading.      

So, consider what you pay for.  Whether it’s the medical transportation industry or some other industry, if the information you’re gather is free, it’s probably going to cost you the most; if not in money, then definitely in time and effort in further research and effort.     

And if you don’t believe me, just listen to Sam Goodwin who recently invested in my best-selling 320 page ebook, How to Build a Million Dollar Medical Transportation Company.  

“Joel, Thank you for this great publication, it is very helpful and worth the investment. It has saved me many hour of research by cutting through unnecessary things and allowing me to focus setting up my company. The Training and Accounting sections alone is worth the cost.”     

And if you still don’t believe me, just listen to Phil & Mary Kurzhals who write the following:    

“Mr. Davis, My wife and I have been researching NEMT transport for about a year now and was looking for something like what you offer to “fill in the blanks” and fine tune our business plan. We plan on purchasing everything you offer after the first of the year and start moving forward.”     

“I just wanted to thank you for putting your experience out there for people like us and have enjoyed watching your free videos and have a real hunch that we will be enormously successful as we once were in the market research industry. We will be a true success story once we are up and running as we lost everything plus some about 4 years ago and we believe we found this business and your website for a reason.”