The Growing Demand for Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Services

The following excerpt is from a newspaper article in Upstate New York.  It illustrates the challenges Counties face in finding competent and capable medical transportation companies able to meet the growing demand for non-emergency medical transportation:

The Herkimer County Legislature will vote next week to award a contract for the provision of non-emergency medical transportation to Birnie Bus Service.

Twenty-one bid packets were mailed out and the bid from Birnie Bus Service was the only one received.  Budget Office and Purchasing Agent Bernard Decker said a follow-up was sent to agencies that received packets and did not submit a bid to gauge why they were not interested in the contract.

“The general consensus from the responses that were returned to my office was the agencies were not equipped to fully handle the demand for the contract,” he said.

He added the county currently contracts with Birnie Bus Service to provide non-emergency medical transportation.

Why the interest in this article?

Herkimer is not the county in which I reside, but I am well familiar with it as my company used to transport people in and through that region.  What’s interesting is that the County is actively seeking to bid out their Medicaid transportation and no one else is “equipped to fully handle the demand?”  Twenty-one packets went out and the ONLY one to respond is the company that is currently providing services?  Wow!!

Don’t get me wrong, Herkimer is not the biggest county for sure, roughly 65k – 70k population.  But because they are the only company seeking to take advantage of this opportunity, Bernie Bus Service can pretty much name their price!

What is the point of all of this?  The point is there exists so much opportunity in the NEMT industry, home care, and more.  Some of it many not be as obvious as this Herkimer example, but I can assure you there is a ton of opportunity sitting in front of you because of our growing medical industry and booming population!

Needless to say, at my upcoming April Seminar in Denver, CO, I am going to be sharing with you many, many, many strategies on how to find and cultivate new business – in addition to ways to expand your existing business to increase revenue!

I know, I know, many of you that have already been in business for several years, you already have all the answers – or so you think!

I’m very pleased to see that some who will be attending this event have been in business for several years and have already attended one of my previous live events.

So why attend now, after you’ve already been in business for several years?  Uh, because the industry is changing!!  Yes, opportunity continues to increase for sure. But, if you think the horizon is going to look the same in the coming years as it has in the past you might as well start looking into something else!

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