Look at the growing opportunities as our industry experiences change!

As I continuet to share, our industry and our opportunities are not just changing, they’re growing!  Let me illustrate this point with the following excerpt from a Connecticut news article which reads as follows:

As State Ages, Governor Presents a Plan for Expanding Home Care

Gov. Dannel P. Malloy this morning will unveil a plan to dramatically shift the way seniors and people with disabilities receive services by increasing the availability of home care while offering funds for the nursing home industry to eliminate beds and change their business models, according to documents obtained by The Mirror. 

The effort has significant implications for the state’s growing population of seniors and for Connecticut’s finances.  More than 10 percent of the state’s budget is now spent on long-term care paid for through Medicaid, and the number of people getting the services is expected to rise by more than 20 percent by 2025. 

The plan is the product of more than a year of work by state officials, consumers, advocates, and the home care and nursing home industries, and builds on more than a decade of policy goals.  It’s intended to address several major barriers that policymakers say make it significantly harder to get care at home than to get a bed in a nursing home.   Those include a fragmented system of getting coverage for home care, workforce shortages, the lack of accessible and affordable housing and transportation, and the discharge of patients from hospitals and nursing homes, where they often stay.

Connecticut has one of the highest rates of seniors in nursing homes in the country, and more of them are considered to have lower levels of needs than in other states, according to the plan. Research suggests that most people would prefer to live in their own homes rather than go to nursing homes when they need long-term care.

Home-based care also tends to be less costly.  although 24-hour care and other intensive services can be more expensive to deliver to patients living in the community, workforce costs are lower for home care workers, and people at home often do more for themselves than they would in a nursing home and rely more on family and community support.

What more could I possibly add to this news article?  It speaks for itself!  Such circumstances, a growing industy, a booming elderly population, and the fiscal concerns that states are experiencing are being realized all across the coutry and even globally.  So the question is not are you going to expand into the home care industy, but when?  When are you going to leverage your NEMT business and diversify into the home care industry?

When you study my How to Build a Million Dollar Home Care Agency you are going to realize the opportunity that is going to provide you with more money and more profit in our changing environment.  And let me be clear, in my manual I show you how to build a non-medical home care agency, not to be confused with home healthcare which requires nurses and medical services.  Rather, a non-medical home care does NOT require skilled care.

As I have mentioned in previous correspondence, especially because you already have an existing NEMT business, expanding into the non-medical home care industry is not difficult!  Furthermore, you do not need many clients to do well and become profitable.  An entrepreneur that I recently spent three days working with One-on-One started their non-medical home care agency less than five months ago and only has 16 clients.  But guess what.  They’re already making several thousands of dollars a month in profit!

If they continue on this path, projections say that they will be bringing in more than $300,000 per year.  And, their profit margin is in excess of 50% because they already have a successful NEMT business for which they share many general overhead expenses!  It’s awesome when you consider how much owning an existing business, their NEMT business, is helping to exponentially increase their level of success.

The old saying that success breeds success is very much true.  It’s always easier to increase your success when you’re starting from a position of success.  So even if you’ve only considered expanding and diversifying your business, then you owe it to yourself to at least click the link below to learn more.  If others are achieving such success, why not you?!

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