What is the difference between How to Build a Million Dollar Medical Transportation Company and other NEMT resources being sold on the internet?

If you’re serious about starting your own Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Company, then there is no better foundational resource than How to Build a Million Dollar Medical Transportation Company.

Described by many as “The Bible” of the industry, my best-selling ebook is updated annually.  As of the publication of this post, version XVIII has just been released.

Unlike authors of competing resources eager to make fast money online, you can rest assured that How to Build a Million Dollar Medical Transportation Company includes up-to-date information with time-tested strategies that I have personally used and/or used by my client-providers around the country.

Starting with a single used vehicle in 1999, I literally built my NEMT business from the ground up.  Within 2 ½ years I secured my largest contract that sent my competitor’s heads spinning.  On two separate occasions I secured a total of a 33% increase in Medicaid reimbursement through the Department of Social Services.  In 2010 I founded the United Medical Transportation Providers Group which has been exponentially growing, helping, and representing providers across the country.

Building a successful medical transportation business requires far more than simply getting a vehicle and handing our business cards – a strategy frequently promulgated online.  Building my NEMT business was not all successes.  Like any business, I made mistakes and suffered setbacks. But the good news for you is that I share both my successes and failures in my materials so you can duplicate my success and limit exposure to costly mistakes.

Unlike you, I had no ebook or DVD’s – no road map or anyone sharing targeted information.  As a result, I literally wasted hundred of thousands of dollars over the first few years of my business.  But the good news is that I also experienced great success.  But again, like any business, it wasn’t always problem-free.  As a coach and mentor, I believe it’s critical that I share all aspects of this business, “the good, the bad, and the ugly.”  Doing otherwise would be, in my opinion, disingenuous.

Today, I am very blessed to continue working with client-providers around the country.  With the help of my staff, strategic partners, and experiences with my client-providers we are creating a host of industry-related resources to better help you start, succeed, and sustain your business long-term.

Just as you wouldn’t step foot in a plane piloted by a less than experienced pilot, nor would you take business advice from someone lacking business sense and experience.

As you study my resources you can rest assured that you’re learning from someone who has literally experienced success firsthand versus from someone who has never experienced success in our industry.  You’re not learning from someone offering a knockoff of an outdated copy of my ebook or a compilation of various other resources.

I can assure you that How to Build a Million Dollar Medical Transportation Company and my associated materials will properly equip and empower you to success.  As many client-providers continue to do around the country, you will save and refer to these resource countless times as you build and grow your business.

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