How Boomers will shift the economy – and how you can leverage the booming elderly population and growing medical industry!

The following excerpt is from a recent article taken from the US News & World Report.  I encourage you to read this entire newsletter as this message speaks for itself as follows:

How Boomers will shift the economy,” by Tom Sightings

For those of us looking to invest in the American economy, this burgeoning population means an increasingly lucrative market for products and services focus on the elderly.  By the time they’re done, some 78 million baby boomers will have survived millions of hip replacements and heart transplants, swallowed tillions of Advil and Viagra pills, and consumed billions of boxes of bran and packages of prunes.

Despite the faultering economy of the past five years, American seniors are richer than ever, in large part because more older people, especially older women, are working than in previous decades.  According to a 2012 report from the Federal Agency Forum, the number of seniors living in poverty has declined from 15% 5o 9% since the 1970’s, while the proportion of older Americans enjoying a “high income” increased from 18% to 31%.

So even while the burgeoning number of retirees will strain government resources, they will provide enormous money-making opportunities for public companies.  These people will travel.  They will move to warmer and friendlier climates.  Many will manage their individual retirement accounts and 401K’s through financial institutions.  They will buy long-term care insurance, pay rent to senior citizen facilities and drop and average of $8,000 per funeral.

At least one financial firm, JP Morgan, has taken the trend seriously enough to create an “Aging Population Index” of stocks expected to profit from baby boomers.

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Now think about what you just read.  JP Morgan is creating an “Aging Population Index.”  Do you think they’re doing it to waste money or because there is REAL opportunity?

Last time I checked, JP Morgan is in business to make money – so I’m guessing this is no wasted endeavor!

What I love about this article is that in a matter of paragraphs it supports what I have been explaining and encouraging for all these years.  That starting businesses and services that cater to the needs of the growing elderly population, medical industry, and associated services is indeed a great investment – bottom line!

What I also love about this article is that it illustrates that NOT ALL OLD PEOPLE ARE POOR!!  Therefore, you don’t need to be a slave to Medicaid and Brokers to make money!!   Yes, you can make outstanding money catering to the Private-Pay niche market!

Tight Wads Need NOT Apply!

If someone were to say to you “give me $1 and I will give you $10,” you’re going to stand there and give them $1 bills all day long.  If someone says “give me $100 and I will give you $1,000,” you’re going to stand there and give them $100 bills all day long!  And if someones says “give me $1,000 and I will give you tens of thousands of dollars,” you’re going to empty your bank account to give them as much money as you possibly can!

Yet, even after reading the article “How Boomers will shift the economy,” in addition to the many other facts and figures I have sent in previou Newsletters, there are some people who will be so tight fisted, will clench and squeeze every single dollar they have, that they are letting immeasurable amounts of money and opportunity to pass them by!

Periodically, we receive emails from people complaining about $100 for an ebook and $1,000 to attend a seminar.  It’s a shame, almost comical, because your money is NOT growing or making you MORE money while being squeezed in your fist!  You NEED to invest it!  You NEED to sow it into your own business – your own future!

Does a seed not have to die to bear fruit?  Yes, of course.  It has to be burried and cultivated in order to bear fruit!  Holding onto your seeds, squeezing them even tighter, is NEVER going to bear fruit!   For those of you reading this, open your eyes and see the opportunities before you!  Stop being so tight fisted – release your grip and sow your seeds in YOUR future!

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