My partner and I decided to purchase your eBook and subscribe to Dispatching Made Easy….All we cans say is “Wow!!!” Your tools overhauled how we do business. These tools gave us a jumpstart to establish systems to handle our clients which is a huge. We are able to outperform our competition that has been in business for 5 years and caused 60% of their clients to change to our company. Your system gave us an advantage over the competition to receive a contract from the city that our competition had for several years. Since, we’ve been serving this contract there’s been an increase in rider participation and enrollment. Thank you for giving us the necessary tools to handle our clients with excellence. Because of these tools, we have change the way the game is played. Vendors are impressed at the level of excellence our dispatchers respond to calls and how drivers maintain schedules. Your tools have allowed us to perform at a level that has never been seen before within our community.

Anthony Cherry
Alpha & Omega Transit Network

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Featured eBook

“This ebook is the most encompassing SOP manual and business model I have ever studied.

It is a MUST HAVE for anyone even thinking of pursuing an NEMT business!

There are specific items in the ebook that saves every one of us thousands and thousands of dollars and an untold amount of time simply by following your guidance and direction.”

– Nell Thrower

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The DVD Series

“I was hungry for more information and ordered the DVD series.

I watched them again and again studying how to run the business. Looking back on it now, this was like going to a franchise school but inside my own house.

After watching the DVD’s demonstrating and practicing; it gave me all the confidence I needed.”

– Tim and Lisa

Right Path Transport

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The Business Plan

“The MDT Business Plan provided us with the best resource for creating our own business plan.

It helped us determine exactly what we needed to include, how targeted we needed to be, and the overall contact and layout. Our success in getting our loan and line of credit is because of our business plan and it all started with the MDT Business Plan.”

– Phil and Susan Mullins

Around Town Transportation

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